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About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Field Service Management Solution (FSMS) is an easy to use platform that is designed with the small to midsized service company in mind. The Kaleidoscope solution is designed to aid in dispatch, scheduling, mobile forms and more. By implementing an FSMS, you increase your value proposition for your customers, your profitability per unit, and the stickiness of your solution. Book a demo today to see how the Kaleidoscope solution can help your operation. 

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"The only white-labeled

            Field Service Management Solution"

Create new revenue streams

Field Service Management is the perfect compliment to your GPS/Telematics solution. If your customers have ever asked you for a dispatch module, this is the perfect solution for them. 

Expand your business reach

By adding to your product suite, you can now capture more customers in verticals you might not cater to currently. Set yourself apart from your competition by calling with something different. Fleet managers field calls from GPS companies all of the time. Call with something fresh to capture their attention. 

"Our Build. Your Brand."

Get started immediately with our white labeled solution. Don't get bogged down in the development. We've already done that! Offer your customers something new without having to prioritize lengthy development efforts. 

Eliminate churn

As the telematics industry continues in its race to zero, don't lose customers to lower prices. FSMS is truly a "run your business" software. This solution is extremely sticky making it hard for your customers to leave. 


Simple to use with no disruption

Easy to learn. Minimal set up.     

Small businesses can't afford disruptions in their operation. We designed the application to be simple and intuitive. It is very easily adoptable into your customer's current operation. 

Technician friendly mobile application.

Your customer's techs are great at what they do. The last thing we want them to feel is frustration when learning a new software tool. See why technicians are raving about simplicity of the Kaleidoscope solution. 

Increase Operational Efficiency


Routing and Dispatch


Enhanced Scheduling


Increased Collaboration


Data Driven Insights


Improved Customer Service


Enhanced Customer Communication

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